Friday Roundup: Watch A Real Life Robot Hitting The Decks

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 2 December, 2016

Watch DJ Yoda train this robot to DJ… it’s certainly an eye-opener.

“I aint happy, I’m feelin’ glad, / I got sunshine, in a bag. / I’m useless, but not for long. / The future is coming on…” So sang virtual band Gorillaz, and with robots on the decks, clubs you don’t have to turn up at, and the frightening speed of progress of DJ booths over the past 40 years all featured in this week’s Friday Roundup of interesting stuff from around the web, we reckon they had a point…

  1. Robot Hits the Decks With DJ Yoda – Watch the UK video mashup jock training a real live robot how to DJ… via the Ford YouTube channel Watch video
  2. Will Virtual Reality Raving Be As Good As The Real Thing? – Continuing the theme of an automated virtual future, Boiler Room announces plans for a virtual club…  Mixmag has it Read more
  3. Why Talent Isn’t Enough To Get Noticed As A DJ Or Producer – Back to reality with some wise, wise words from the team over at 6AM Read more 
  4. 6 Ways to Identify Tracks Without Ever Using Shazam – Great set of ideas from Thump as to how to identify that elusive song title Read more
  5. A Trip Through DJ Booths 1976-2016 – Fascinating slice of 40 years of DJ history, brought to you by Mixmag Read more
  6. What Does Your Preferred DJ Format Say About You As A Person? – Couldn’t have put it better than Thump did ourselves Read more

Have a great weekend folks, keep lookin’ forward…

Feel free to comment on any of the stories that have caught your imagination this week in the comments below…

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