Friday Roundup: What’s The Sound That’s Inspired Dance Music For 25 Years?

Joey Santos
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Last updated 6 November, 2017


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Pop Quiz: What do Skrillex, Aphex Twin, and Showtek have in common? Something from the 80s, according to DJ Pierre…All this and more in this week’s Friday Roundup

It’s a brand new month, and in this week’s Friday Roundup we have DJ Pierre drawing a line that traces modern day electronic music all the way back to Chicago in the 1980s; an in-depth interview on what keeps Skrillex going beyond the Grammy nods and sold-out shows; some gig and self-promotion tips; as well as the 10 most Shazamed tracks from Tomorrowland. The weekend’s here!

  1. Back To The Phuture: DJ Pierre On Acid – DJ Pierre traces EDM, trance, and techno’s roots to a single key element: Acid. Fader has the exclusive interview Read more
  2. Skrillex On Whjat It’s Like To Be A DJ Superstar – Awards and stadium shows don’t keep you young; creativity does. Skrillex dishes to Complex his version of the fountain of youth Read more
  3. From Bedroom To “Booked” – A step-by-step guide to promoting your first gig by DIY Musician, that works just fine for DJs too Read more
  4. Denon MC6000 mk2 Gets Serato’s Whole Nine Yards – Full Serato DJ, along with DVS-ready status, comes to the flagship controller. DJ Worx has the story Read more
  5. Simple Mix Techniques: The Stop & Drop – Dubspot’s tutorial on this quick transition skill. Extremely useful, especially for open-format DJs Watch it
  6. Faking It Even After You Make It? – DJ legend Erick Morillo calls out superstar “pop” DJs who “do nothing” behind the decks. NY Daily News has it Read more
  7. How To Make The Most Of The Speakers You Already Have – Cash-strapped for high-end loudspeakers? This speaker guide from Thump helps you squeeze every ounce of audio juice from your current pair Read more
  8. Don’t Be Annoying When Yuo Self Promote – Rules of the self-promotion game if you don’t want to be that annoying guy on social media. Beatsmedia runs them down for us Read more
  9. Tomorrowland In 10 Tracks – Beatport presents the 10 most Shazamed tracks from this year’s Belgian mega-festival Read more

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