Friday Roundup: Who Daft Punk Sampled On Their Greatest Hits

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 24 March, 2017

daft punk
Samples are basically the way music is made nowadays, as building blocks, inspiriation, and finishing touches. See how Daft Punk use them in this revealing video.

In this week’s foray into the wide world of other DJ and music websites, we’ve a reveal of some of the samples Daft Punk used on their greatest hits (you may be surprised), Mark Knight teaches on playing long DJ sets, and there’s a great piece on the changing face of promoting. It’s all in your ever-relevant Friday Roundup!

  1. Daft Punk’s Sampling Secrets Revealed – You’ll be amazed how many of the duo’s big hits are built around samples. DJ Mag points you at the video reveal Read more
  2. How To Play The Perfect All-Night DJ Set – Playing for the whole night is very different to a 45 minute headline slot, or doing warm-up. Mark Knight tells Red Bull Music how it’s done Read more
  3. Five DJ Mixers That Won’t Break The Bank – Mixmag rounds up some of the current affordable technology available to DJs who want to add a mixer to their set-up Read more
  4. The Changing Face Of Promoting – Great article from Resident Advisor on how promoting DJ shows has changes in the past couple of decades Read more
  5. Somebody Loves SoundCloud… – It appears that someone has got faith in the struggling music site, as it’s just got a $70m cash injection, reports Hypebot Read more
  6. How Discogs Dragged Record Collecting Into The 21st Century – Everyone’s favourite nerdy vinyl site Discogs has a great backstory. Find out more in this Thump interview Read more

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