Friday Roundup: The Year In DJ News

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Friday roundup
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Friday Roundup
DJ Sneak, the outspoken don of house made headlines again this year for his opinions on non-vinyl DJs. We even made a rebuttal a while back! Check it out and other stories in this weekend’s roundup.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got a countdown of some of the year’s biggest DJ news, Mixmag’s list of its top DJs for 2015, and a look at different career options within the nightclub industry (should you inadvertently decide to switch lanes from the one you’re already in). They’re all here and so much more in our weekly muster of DJ news from around the web. One week to go before Christmas, happy holidays folks!

  1. The Year In DJ News – From Carl Cox leaving Space Ibiza to DJ Sneak ragging on non-vinyl jocks, the year was rife with shakeups and shakedowns from the DJ front. Read all about it on Mixmag Read more
  2. Spotify Can Now Beatmatch – Forget sync: Spotify just introduced a new feature on iOS and Android that lets it mix tunes in a party playlist. C|net has the piece Read more
  3. Stream Mixcloud Straight To Sonos – You can now play Mixcloud tracks and sets direct to your Sonos or Chromecast-equipped system. Check it out at the Serato Blog Read more
  4. Mixmag’s Top 10 DJs For 2015 – Here are 10 of the magazine’s choice selectors for the year. Did yours make it? Find out Read more
  5. 5 Dance Music Books To Get – There’s more to dance culture books than “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”. In fact, here are five of them. Thump has the list Read more
  6. Should You Be Worried About Casual DJ Apps? – The newly-released Pacemaker app and Spotify’s Party feature all seek to simplify and even automate DJing. Are you going to lose your job to robots and weekend warriors? DJ Techtools explores Read more
  7. Buy And Sell Stems On Dubseed – A brand new community and marketplace called Dubseed just opened and it lets DJs and producers buy & sell Stems files. Magnetic Magazine has it Read more
  8. All The Jobs You Can Have At A Club – Thump rates and judges the sort of work you can get at a club, from the coolest to the absolute worst, complete with average pay scale! Read more

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