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Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 March, 2021


10 Proven DJ Techniques
We’ve got a brand new PDF guide on multi-genre mixing that’ll have you mixing BPMs and styles like the pros, free for all members. Join now if you aren’t a member yet!

Have you heard? We just launched a brand-new PDF guide to ten amazing mixing techniques that’ll have you mashing up genres, BPMs and styles in your DJ sets like the pros do – and you can have your own personal copy right now!

How to get it

10 Proven DJ Techniques If you’re already a Digital DJ Tips member, we’ve recently emailed you about it, so check that email and grab yours now!

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(Not only will you get your free mixing guide, but as part of your email “welcome pack”, we’ll send you ANOTHER free guides: Our Digital DJ Tips DJ Gear Guide. Here’s the link again.)

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