Get A Music Library Makeover With beaTunes 4

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 6 November, 2017


beaTunes 4
beaTunes 4 lets you clean up your music library and create playlists based on a host of tags and characteristics, helping you make informed song choice decisions when you DJ.

The latest version of beaTunes, an app that helps you to tidy your music library, has been released. Version 4.0 brings entirely new algorithms for improved tempo and musical key detection, a spiffy new user interface, as well as even more automated features like song structure segmentation (eg verse, verse, chorus, bridge) and deletion of duplicates through acoustic fingerprinting.

It’s been a while since we had our hands on the last major update to this software (almost three years ago), and it’s nice to see that beaTunes has retained what we liked about it, such as its playlist capabilities and music library management, and improved on things that it’s already quite good at.

While some features may be a little “over the top” for more casual users (like the aforementioned structure segmentation), there’s no doubt that if you’re a DJ with a large music library, you’re going to want to find some way to tame it without having to do everything manually, and in this case you’re going to want to go with an app that can grow with you as your library and cataloguing become more sophisticated. beaTunes is a great place to start. We’ll be reviewing the new version as soon as we can.

beaTunes 4 is available now for Mac and Windows at US$34, with upgrades starting at US$11.

Do you use an app to keep your music library in shape? If so, which one do you presently use? Or would you rather just keep everything in check manually, editing ID3 tags and adding album art yourself? Let us know your preferred method in the comments below!

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