Over To You: Help With Broadcasting DJ Mixes On Ustream

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 28 November, 2017

Ustream: A favourite for DJs to broadcast live mixes on.
Ustream: A favourite for DJs to broadcast live mixes on.

Reader Miguel from Chicago, USA writes: “I host an online DJ mix show. I use a laptop to stream to Ustream. DJs bring their own laptops to mix music for the show. Several DJs would like to VJ on our show. How do I capture their video from their laptops and get it into my laptop to broadcast on Ustream? Is it possible? Our goal is to have a picture-in-picture window broadcasting on Ustream, with the main window displaying the music video and the small window show the DJ mixing.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

We would say that it depends on the video output options on your DJs’ laptops, and also that you’re probably going to need some pretty good video broadcast software somewhere in the mix, or even a hardware video mixer. We’re definitely out of our depth here, so we’ll throw this one open to the readers, and hope that someone has the expertise that you need…

Are you a Ustream expert? Please join in and help us to find a solution for Miguel…

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