Honey, I Shrunk The Soundboks! Soundboks Go Launched

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Last updated 20 April, 2022


The original Soundboks speaker has become a phenomenon. A huge, insanely loud speaker that looks like a PA speaker but has all the smarts of the best Bluetooth speakers, and then some – things such as a latency-free wired input (so important for DJs), and SKAA-powered low-latency wireless for ganging them together.

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But while the original Soundboks (now up to Soundboks 3 – here’s our review) is undeniably desirable for parties and for DJs, it is also huge.

Enter the Soundboks Go – a much smaller (but still substantial) speaker, which comes with an (optional) carry strap and is far more practical for throwing into the back of a car or even hulking along with you to the beach, barbeque, whatever.

Soundboks Go tech specs

Soundboks Go weighs 9kg and is about half the size of the original. It has two 72W Class D amplifiers, driving a 10-inch bass unit and a dome tweeter respectively. The battery is replaceable and lasts many hours, all dependent on how loud you listen to it, of course – think 10 hours at full or nearly full volume.

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It retains the all-important line-in socket that a DJ would need, and still boasts low-latency ganging with other compatible speakers using the better-than-Bluetooth SKAA system (although, it also has Bluetooth of course).

So how does it sound? Is the line-in zero latency? Questions we’ll answer in our review, coming very soon. Meanwhile, it’s available to order: Soundboks Go costs €699, and the carrying strap is a relatively steep €50 extra. More info over on the Soundboks website.

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