IK Multimedia Launches UNO Hardware Synthesiser

Joey Santos
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Last updated 2 May, 2018

IK Multimedia, maker of the iRig line of controllers and audio interfaces, has just announced UNO Synth, its first standalone analogue synthesiser. Made with DJ/producers in mind, UNO Synth is a monophonic synthesiser with a two-octave mini-keyboard onboard. It has controls onboard for its two independent VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators), a noise generator and seven LFO (low frequency oscillator) waveforms. What all that means is you get a huge variety of sounds for a wide range of music. Speaking of sounds, UNO Synth ships with 100 presets so you can get started straight away.

UNO Synth also comes with an arpeggiator, sequencer, a filter and 19 buttons and knobs for controlling and programming the synth. You can also hook it up to an iOS device or your laptop for controlling apps and DAWs.

This is an interesting product from IK Multimedia because it has traditionally focused on Midi controllers for DAWs as well as soft synths and apps. Getting into the hardware synth game is a bold move for the company – if it does well, UNO Synth could be the start of a new series of cost-effective hardware synthesisers for all of us DJ/producers to enjoy moving forward.

Check out the promo video below.

Promo Video

• UNO Synth is now available for US$199. Check the IK Multimedia site for more details.
Do you produce your own music or DJ edits? What are your thoughts on this synth? Want to add it to your home studio? Let us know below.

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