IK Multimedia’s iRig Keys & iRig Keys PRO Now Good For Android

Joey Santos
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Last updated 4 August, 2017

iRig Keys & iRig Keys PRO
IK Multimedia announced that from 1 October 2015, iRig Keys & iRig Keys PRO will ship with a Micro-USB to OTG cable for Android too.

IK Multimedia has just announced that its slim iRig Keys and full-sized iRig Keys PRO will now include Micro-USB to OTG cables for Android. That means that apart from cables for connecting to iOS devices and your laptop’s USB port, these popular DJ/producer keyboards can now be used with Android devices straight out the box.

We love the fact that all the cables you need to connect these keyboards with contemporary devices come with them, and this has been the path that IK Multimedia has taken in the past few years. With so much gear out there you can make music on, whether on a desktop or mobile, not having to purchase a separate one for each device you have is brilliant, especially for the multi-platform DJ/producer.

• iRig Keys (US$129) and iRig Keys PRO (US$149) will ship with Micro-USB to OTG cables from 1 October 2015. Find out more on the IK Multimedia website.

Do you make music on your Android tablet or phone? What good apps can you share with our readers who want to get into making music on the platform? Let us know below.

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