Interview: Pete Tong’s Formula For DJing Success

Phil Morse
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Last updated 5 April, 2018


Pete Tong Phil Morse
After Pete Tong’s talk here at IMS College Malta today, we grabbed him for 15 minutes for a private chat about how to make it in DJing nowadays – wherever you are in the world. Watch the video here.

There’s no more famous DJ that Pete Tong, and so who better to ask about what it takes to achieve DJing success in today’s world than the man himself? So here at IMS College Malta (Twitter / Facebook), I grabbed Pete for a quick chat, and asked him what it takes to achieve success as a DJ… wherever in the world you are. Here’s what happened:

Pete Tong Interview

One of the crucial things about Pete Tong is that as well as being a DJ, he’s always been a talent spotter – he’s signed people to his record label and DJ agency, and of course he has spent decades breaking music on his Radio 1 show, so if you want to hear some real truths about getting spotted – watch this video.

Share your thoughts! Are you busy trying to break through as a DJ where you live? What successes have you had? What challenges are you facing? Please feel free to share your experiences and stories in the comments below.

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