Laidback Luke Backs New Denon DJ Pro Gear

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 23 March, 2018

Laidback Luke behid the decks. But it looks like – gasp – he may be DJing behind someone else’s brand of decks from now on…

Laidback Luke has publicly backed Denon DJ’s new Prime series of pro DJ gear, by officially becoming a “brand ambassador” of the new range of equipment, comprising the SC5000 state-of-the-art media player, X1800 pro mixer, VL12 turntable and new Prime record library software solution.

Announcing Luke’s new role, the company said: “The Denon DJ Prime Series is a perfect match for the exciting, energetic DJ style of Laidback Luke… When the performer knows there are no equipment-based bounds, then a universe of possibilities opens up. That’s why Laidback Luke chose to partner with Denon DJ Prime.”

Luke said: “The Denon Prime Series is an organic fit for my DJ sets. Its functionality is extremely intuitive and its performance delivers exactly the quality that I need.”

What we think

While the Denon DJ units are mightily impressive (and we will be bringing you our full review soon), Denon DJ’s real challenge was always going to be getting acceptance among A-list DJs, who are frankly a pretty conservative lot on the whole with an in-built bias towards what they know. Getting someone like Laidback Luke to come out and back Prime is a wise move.

Wonder who else will follow?

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