Launchpad Pro’s Scale Mode Helps Anyone Write Music

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Ableton Push Novation Launchpad Pro Scale Mode
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Scale Mode
Novation just announced a firmware update for the Launchpad Pro that includes Scale Mode, which lets you choose a scale and play only its notes on the pads.

Novation just announced Scale Mode for the Launchpad Pro, which is part of a new firmware update to the grid pad controller. Scale Mode lets you pick a scale in Ableton Live, the notes of which are then mapped out on the Launchpad Pro’s 64 pads. This makes it easier to write melodies and chords because any pad you press will be “in key” with your chosen scale. You can choose from among 32 musical scales and modes, including common ones like major and minor scales, to slightly more exotic choices like the Iwato Japanese scale.

This is great news for those making music in Ableton Live and need a bit of help in the music theory department: It’s reminiscent of Ableton Push’s In Key feature, which also maps out all relevant notes to the grid so you don’t end up hitting pads that aren’t in a chosen scale. It’s good for those who haven’t memorised scales yet, but it’s not just for beginners though, as even intermediate producers can use Scale Mode feature to quickly pull out different scales when sketching out song ideas.

Check the promo video below.

Promo Video

• Scale Mode is now available in the latest Launchpad Pro firmware update. Check the Novation website for more details.

Do you produce music in Ableton Live? Do you use a grid pad controller? Do you think a feature like this helps producers, or makes it “too easy” and devalues the production process? Share your thoughts below.

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