Leaked: The New Denon DN-MC3000 DJ Controller

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 27 November, 2017


Denon DN-MC3000 Twitch

We’ve brightened the image to reveal more detail – note the “3” in the name top-left, and the “Traktor” logo top right. (Click to enlarge.)Having exclusively revealed a new controller from Denon in our BPM coverage, we now have an official “leaked” picture of the unit.

The picture seems to show that it is probably called the DN-MC3000, something that was pretty much confirmed by an eagle-eyed reader in the comments section of our previous post about Denon’s new controller, who snapped the controller on a distributor’s poster named as such (see below).

It is also clear to see that, when compared to the way the DN-MC6000 was laid out, Denon has done more than just shrink the DN-MC6000; note the Traktor logo top right which might indicate that the newly arranged buttons above the jogwheels will offer native control of Traktor Pro 2’s new features, something the DN-MC6000 couldn’t of course do due to the fact that Traktor Pro 2 wasn’t out when that unit was released.

Presumably the same unit, named as the ‘DN-MC3000’, on a Russian distributor’s billboard.

We can also clearly see from the photo that Denon has moved the pitch controls to either side of the jogwheels and towards the bottom of the unit, compared to tucked away inside other controls on the faceplate – presumably reacting to criticism that they were fiddly to get at cleanly on the DN-MC6000.

Of course, we’ve got no official word from Denon on any of this, so it’s all just conjecture – but we’re pretty certain about this one! Obviously we’ll have to wait for supply dates, prices and so on – but a two-channel Traktor-certified controller from Denon? Now there’s definitely something to get excited about.

Can you spot any features in the picture that we haven’t managed to identify? Got any more news on this? Let us know in the comments!

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