Like To Hoard Vinyl? You May Be Officially Sick…

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 4 March, 2021

In the DJ training we offer here at Digital DJ Tips, we impress upon students that a DJ’s music collection should be exactly as big as required, and not a track over that – the opposite of hoarding, in other words.

It’s sometimes a bitter pill to swallow for those who have been collecting vinyl all their lives. But now, we’ve got backing from the most unusual of places – the World Health Organisation (WHO), which has just officially recognised the act of hoarding as a medical disorder.

It describes it as the “accumulation of possessions due to excessive acquisition of or difficulty discarding them, regardless of their actual value”, and has included it in the International Classification of Diseases.

So – if that 20-year-old record collection you’ve carted from house to house with you (yet not played in years) is something you know you ought to do something about, at least now there’s help out there for you. And if you know someone like this, go easy on them! They may need professional help! 😉

Are you one of life’s hoarders? Or has life taught you to be a minimalist? Share your thoughts below.

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