2 DJs Using Livestreaming To Help Others During Lockdown

Marc Santaromana
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Last updated 30 September, 2020


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The COVID-19 virus has, of course, affected the DJ world profoundly. As the nightlife and private event industry has come to a standstill, DJs have begun to use technology like livestreaming to continue playing music to an audience.

Most DJs have done it for fun, and some DJs have even used livestreaming as a way to help make some sort of income for themselves via tips or donations. But others have decided to use DJing as a way to help those more directly affected by the pandemic.

Some are using their talents to raise funds to help feed the medical professionals on the front line, and others are helping the less fortunate facing crises such as eviction due to the inability to work.

It’s beautiful and inspirational to see how DJs are using music as a way to connect people together for great causes, and today I want to share two great examples of this with you.

Livestreaming to help sell face masks to support vulnerable families

DJ Sosa is a Seattle native, now a Los Angeles resident, and is a partner in the children’s clothing company Meme Kidswear. The company partnered with a non-profit organisation called The Conscious Kid to support its Rent Relief Fund For Families, to help less fortunate families who have been directly affected by COVID-19.

By leveraging the clothing business he is part of, DJ Sosa has made a huge difference.

Meme Kidswear began selling reusable face masks at a reasonable price that were both functional and fashionable with 100% of the proceeds going to help fund the Rent Relief Fund For Families, in an effort to put immediate funds into the hands of those experiencing financial hardships. Their goal was to raise $20,000 that would directly help 100 families stay in their homes and pay their bills.

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During the last week of April, DJ Sosa and Meme Kidswear hosted a daily Instagram livestream featuring DJs from Seattle and Los Angeles to help bring awareness to the cause. In three weeks they were able to meet and exceed their $20,000 goal, helping 100 families through this difficult time.

A clever livestreaming idea to help restaurants & medics

Essential Saturdays is a livestream series started by DJ Mike Rawk from Los Angeles. Every Saturday Mike Rawk DJs on Twitch from 6-8pm PDT while having a donation link on the screen. Every dollar raised during each week’s stream is used to purchase food from local small businesses to feed medical professionals in the Southern California area.

Besides being a DJ for over a decade, Mike Rawk also has a long-running background in the food service industry. At the same time, he has many friends and family members in the medical field.

Realising that both the restaurant industry and the medical field are being directly affected by the pandemic, Mike felt he could make the biggest impact by utilising his ability as a DJ – and created Essential Saturdays to assist both of these groups of people.

Through the month of April, Mike Rawk was able to raise over $1800 that not only helped small restaurants that have lost business, but also feed medical professionals directly -the same professionals who are dealing with the virus each week. Mike intends to continue Essential Saturdays each week to help as many people as he can, as long as needed.


Most DJs begin DJing because of a deep wish to play music, to help bring joy and happiness to as many people as possible. Especially in times like these, music can help ease the anxiety associated with the pandemic and make a person’s day better.

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DJs like Mike Rawk and Sosa are great examples of people using their talents as DJs to make a positive change in the world, even during some of the darkest times. I hope their stories have inspired you to support people doing similar things in your area, or maybe even to start something yourself. Stay safe!

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