M-Audio Launches AV-32 & AV-42 Compact Speakers

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

AV-32 and AV-42
M-Audio has released updates to its popular AV desktop speaker series in the form of the AV-32 and AV-42.

M-Audio just released two new desktop monitors, called the AV-32 and AV-42, which are updates to the company’s popular AV-30 and AV-40 models. The monitors are housed in MDF enclosures, and come in 3″ woofer (AV-32) and 4″ woofer (AV-42) variants. Both units have RCA jacks in the rear for connecting your controller’s outputs, and the fronts feature 1/8″ aux plugs for connecting your phone, tablet, or laptop’s headphones outs, and an 1/8″ headphone plug for connecting your earphones.

We love the old AV-40s, so the M-Audio AV-42 will probably be our “go to” recommendation for cost-effective desktop speakers for compact DJ set-ups and bedroom production studios, but we’ll hold fire on that full recommendation until we’ve had a chance to review them.

• The M-Audio AV-32 AND AV-42 are available now for US$85 and US$149/pair, respectively. Check the M-Audio website for more details.

What speakers do you use for DJ monitoring at home? Thinking of switching up to desktop speakers like these? Let us know what you think below.

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