Mackie Refreshes Thump Loudspeaker Series

Joey Santos
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Last updated 11 April, 2018

Mackie Thump
Mackie has announced an update to its line of affordable loudspeakers. The all-new Thump series features 12″ and 15″ full range speakers as well as an 18″ subwoofer.

Mackie has announced an update to its popular Thump line of affordable PA loudspeakers. Packing in more than twice the power of the original models, the all-new Thump Series of powered speakers is composed of the Thump12 and Thump15 full range speakers and the Thump18S subwoofer.

The Thump12 and Thump15 have 12″ and 15″ woofers respectively. Both come with 3-band EQ and combo mic/line inputs, as well as mounting options for flexibility and portability. The Thump18S is an 18″ 1200W subwoofer that complements the other Thump loudspeakers if you want to add some deep bass to your system.

“With the new Thump, you get more power and a substantial increase in bass performance at the same extremely affordable price,” says Greg Young, Product Manager at Mackie.

Who uses them?

If you fancy having your own PA rig for shows and parties, the Thump line from Mackie makes for a relatively inexpensive entry into the world of mobile DJing. You can start with two loudspeakers and two subwoofers which, in themselves, would already provide a substantial amount of power. As your needs grow, you can then add another pair of loudspeakers which you can place at the back of the room to envelope your dancefloor completely. Be sure to factor in stands too when pricing up any PA system.

The Thump12 costs US$389, while the Thump15 costs US$469. The Thump18S subwoofer retails at US$879. All are available right now, worldwide.

Are you a Mackie Thump user? Have you been considering investing in these or similar speakers? Or do you prefer to rent when you need a PA? Let us know in the comments.

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