Learn Cue Point Drumming With Melodics

Joey Santos
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Last updated 4 August, 2017

Melodics is a new app that teaches you finger drumming, and is presented in a way similar to a rhythm game like Rock Band.

A new “finger drumming” app just hit the market: Melodics teaches you how to play the drums and trigger cue point drum hits using your DJ controller’s performance pads, taking you from the very basics like playing a kick drum with one finger, to more intermediate exercises and famous dance music drum patterns like Funky Drummer that you can unlock through a monthly subscription.

A lot of new DJ controllers come with performance pads built in, but very few DJs use it as a tool for cue point drumming or short routines. If you’re familiar with rhythm games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, Melodics is a “serious” version of that, but for finger drumming – the bonus here is that your controller pads are the same instrument that you use both for the app and in a live setting, as opposed to a toy plastic guitar with buttons that you can’t take to a gig.

Melodics teaches you how to finger drum even though you’ve got no drumming experience at all, and these “live” elements (just like scratching) are just the kind of thing to elevate your DJ performance and set you apart, precisely because a large chunk of DJs don’t.

Melodics is a new company from Sam Gribben, who used to run Serato, and he’s pulled in some industry heavyweights to add instructional videos and technique smarts to the app.

• Melodics is a free download and is available now on OSX (Windows version coming soon). A US$9.99/month in-app subscription unlocks other levels and challenges. Check out the Melodics site for more details.

What do you think of how-to apps like this? Is finger drumming something that you’d like to add to your DJ toolkit? Are you keen on trying Melodics? Let us know below.

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