Mastersounds Announces Two New Drool-Worthy Mixers & A Standalone FX Unit

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 24 July, 2018


Boutique DJ gear manufacturer Mastersounds has just announced two new DJ mixers and an effects unit that are likely to induce gear envy and drooling in pretty much all DJs who see them – despite the fact that very few will ever choose to own this type of gear.

The units have a design hand from Andy Rigby-Jones, who was the mastermind behind the Allen & Heath Xone projects and had a big part in Richie Hawtin’s PLAYDifferently Model 1 mixer.

Firstly, there are two mixers – the Linear 4V and the Radius 4V, which are line fader and rotary fader four-channel mixers complete with analogue meters, and which build off the company’s Radius mixers but add fully built-out channel strips. Then there is a standalone FX unit, designed to complement the mixers, offering delay, reverb, noise, and a pitched repeat effect.

Our friend Mojaxx has done a great video should you want to start dreaming about owning these items for yourself, which you can see over on DJCity’s YouTube channel.

Check out the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery

• The Mastersounds Linear 4V and Radius 4V retail for £1,895 each, and the FX unit is £495. All are available now through the Mastersounds site.

What are your thoughts on these premium pieces of kit? Want one (or all of them) in your digital DJing arsenal? Let us know below.

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