Mixcloud Makes Improvements To Its Livestreaming Platform

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 5 May, 2022

Mixcloud Live – the legal livestreaming platform developed by Mixcloud – has been quietly improved in the last week, with further improvements being promised imminently by the company.

We noticed last week that it is no longer necessary to get a new stream key every time you go live, as it appears the stream key is now “persistent” to your channel. Comments remain available to you until you start a new livestream, too, on your streaming page.

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And it is also no longer the case that you have to manually start and stop your stream in the Mixcloud platform – in common with most other providers, Mixcloud now detects when you are streaming, and also when you stop, handling both events automatically for you.

More improvements coming…

The last few weeks have seen the performance improve markedly on the platform, with smooth, non-buffering broadcasts the norm nowadays – but Mixcloud is promising more improvements, too.

Perhaps the biggest one is that DJs will soon be able to save their livestream sets to their Mixcloud channels after the event. It is worth noting, though, that this will be audio only, which will be fine for some DJs, but a dealbreaker for others.

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Mixcloud Live revolutionised the DJ streaming world upon its launch a few months back, being the first fully legal platform, and has been steadily gaining traction since.

• More about Mixcloud Live over on the Mixcloud website

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