Mixcloud Live Comes Out Of Beta

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 17 December, 2021


Mixcloud Live, the 100% legal streaming platform for DJs that launched at the start of the 2020 lockdown last spring, has finally come out of beta.

“Building a global live-streaming product at speed and in public is pretty hard. It’s a bit like building an airplane from scratch while it’s taking off.” say the Mixcloud team on their blog.

“We have built out many core features like the ability to legally save recordings of your streams, high fidelity 320kbps audio, improved stability, and negotiated the music licences that ensure the artists who are played, get paid.”

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“New Year’s Eve was a real milestone in this journey. We smashed (and we do mean smashed) our records of concurrent streamers and viewers without any stability issues, giving us confidence to take Mixcloud LIVE to the next level in 2021.”

Here at Digital DJ Tips we’ve supported Mixcloud Live since the start (here’s a recent Mixcloud Live set from me, Phil Morse) and so we’re glad to see it make this important step forward.

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• Want to go live with Mixcloud? Find out how to becomce a Mixcloud Pro member, unlocking the ability to livestream, here.

What’s next for Mixcloud Live?

While many DJs applaud Mixcloud for the work on Mixcloud Live so far, there is a long list of improvements DJs would like to see, most of which are around social interaction, sharing, and better search and features on the mobile apps. While Mixcloud is giving no specifics, the team does say more improvements are coming:

“Coming out of beta doesn’t mean that we’re done building it. Quite the opposite — we’re just getting started. This year we will expand Mixcloud LIVE’s features, continuing our mission to build the world’s best music live-streaming platform. We’ve been gathering your feedback over the past year and have so much in the roadmap we can’t wait to share.”

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