Mixcloud Select Lets You Make Money With Your Mixtapes

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 18 September, 2020


Mixcloud just announced Mixcloud Select: it’s a paid subscription service where fans can subscribe to a DJ’s Mixcloud channel in order to support him or her. Listeners pay a set fee every month to be able to gain special access, allowing fans to download mixes, access tracklists and more. The streaming royalties go to the artists and publishers, and more importantly, to the DJ who curated and performed the mix.

It’s interesting because this is the first time DJs will be able to monetise their mixtapes on Mixcloud (or on any streaming platform for that matter), though no details have been given regarding how much you’re going to make per stream. We love that you’re able to set the amount of the monthly subscription fee, potentially allowing you to make some cash on the side, or at least enough to incentivise you to keep on pumping out those mixes. It reminds us of the Patreon model where fans pay monthly subscriptions for premium content, in effect supporting the artist creating it.

Currently there are only 47 channels on Mixcloud that have Mixcloud Select status, including John Digweed, Afrojack and Defected Records, but the company plans to roll this out to more users as the months roll by.

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What are your thoughts on this? Is it high time DJs get paid for their mixes? Do you think it’ll be an effective, recurring income stream? Let us know below.

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