Musikmesse 2014: Exclusive Pioneer Video Interview On New Turntable

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 13 March, 2014


Tucked under a glass cabinet, rotating on a turntable itself, we spotted a strange beast at the Pioneer stand here at Musikmesse 2014: A Pioneer turntable. With the model number blacked out and a design that appeared similar to most of the other Technics copies out there, it was uncharacteristically “vanilla” for Pioneer, and indeed was labelled as just a prototype – but a turntable nonetheless it definitely was, with the familiar Pioneer logo emblazoned across the faceplate. So why would Pioneer feel the need to release a turntable? See if Rik from Pioneer gives anything away in the video above, and meanwhile, here are my ideas:

  1. So Pioneer Traktor & Serato DVS systems can be totally Pioneer – Pioneer already has Serato and Traktor audio interfaces in certain mixers, meaning that it’s possible to buy completely Pioneer and play on DVS – if you’re using CDJ, that is. If you want to use vinyl, you need to use another brand’s turntables. Not if Pioneer made turntables, you wouldn’t have to…
  2. Because they’d sell loads – Turntables aren’t going away, and the market since the demise of Technics is fragmented. Who better than the kings of the pro DJ booth to mop up this small niche, claiming it as their own? (After all, they were late to the controller party, and judging by the success of the DDJ-SX in particular, that’s not done the company any harm at all)
  3. Because they’re planning their own DVS software system – Traktor is a third-party solution for Pioneer, as is Serato. But Pioneer has rekordbox – its own library software. What if an expanded rekordbox could work with more of Pioneer’s gear, and had more rounded DJ software functionality? What if you could control Rekordbox from vinyl, DVS style? Is it so far fetched to surmise that a Pioneer software DVS system may be in the making?
  4. Because people still play vinyl – It’s true, they do. Pioneer may be looking to simply “tick another box”. After all, it always claimed its DJ solution to be exclusively CD/rekordbox/USB led, then it went and launched a whole range of successful controllers. Why not also offer a fully analogue solution?
  5. Turntables are cool right now – Probably the weakest reason of all, but just like everyday saloon car manufacturers sponsor Formula 1 teams…

What do you think? Why is Pioneer looking likely to launch its own turntable? Do you think it will be a success? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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