[NAMM 2015] Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Headphones

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 22 September, 2016

Pioneer’s HRM-7 headphones model is the first studio-focused product in a new range from Pioneer, aimed at the production environment rather than the DJ booth.

Just in time for NAMM 2015, Pioneer has announced the Pioneer HRM-7 headphones, the first in a new range of gear aimed directly at the studio rather than the DJ booth.

The headphones major on transparent sound and long-term comfort, as are the needs of a producer, promising a wide frequency response, large enclosing earcups for better isolation and comfort, and a range of impressive-sounding innovations including airflow within the earcups (improves bass response, apparently), memory foam for comfort, and… well, watch the video if this kind of tech talk interests you. There’s lots of moving diagrams in there to explain the thinking better than I can do it in words.

They come with a spare set of earpads (the earpads are velour rather than leatherette), a studio/-style dual headband, an adaptor plug for different sized headphones sockets, and both coiled (1.2m) and straight (3m) interchangeable cables.

Street price looks like US$199 / £169, and they’ll be available from mid-March. Watch the promo video here, and get more info from Pioneer’s website here.

Pioneer expands its game into non-DJ areas

Last year it was all about Pioneer PA systems (and its PLX-100 turntable), this year production gear. It appears that the R&D department is working very hard over there, and not only on DJ gear like the new XDJ-1000 digital media player and XDJ-RX Rekordbox all-in-one controller. This is all good to see taking into account the uncertainty that the change of ownership brought to Pioneer DJ recently. NAMM is looking like being very fruitful this year… stay tuned for the best coverage!

Will your DJ loyalty to Pioneer lead you to stick with the company as you move into production? What do you think of these new headphones visually and spec-wise? Please share your thoughts below.

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