[NAMM 2016] Samson Z Series Headphones Video Talkthrough

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 4 August, 2017

Samson Z Series
Samson unveiled four new models in its Z Series of headphones at the NAMM Show this year.

Samson is showing a new series of four headphones here at NAMM 2016, ranging from the $70 Z25 up to the $200 Z55. They all feature a deliberately “flat” frequency response making them suitable for day-to-day music production use, while at the same time having swivelling earcups and closed over-ear cups for DJing.

The top-of-the range Z55 and the Z45 models have lambskin earpads and detachable cables. The Z55s come with three options (two straight, including a phone control cable, and a coiled), the Z45s coming with the phone control short straight cable and the coiled cable. The Z35 and Z25 have fixed cables and synthetic earpads, while maintaining many of the features of their stablemates.

We had a listen to them and were impressed with the isolation and quality, and our first impression is that they have the pedigree of many of the better known DJ headphone models, without the elevated price tags. If you’re not looking for artificially boosted bass (a la Beats, for instance), they’d be a good choice and offer great value across all models.

Talkthrough video

• Find out more about the Samson Z Series headphones on the Samson website.

Looking for a fresh pair of cans this year? What are your thoughts on these models from the Samson Z Series? Let us know below.

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