[NAMM 2017] Mixars Primo Controller For Serato DJ

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 11 April, 2018


The two-channel Mixars Primo appears to be – in every other feature – a preimium controller.

Mixars – the new-kid-on-the-block Italian brand behind last year’s well-received Duo scratch mixer – has just announced its first DJ controller, aheas of NAMM 2017. The Mixars Primo is a two-channel Serato DJ controller with hardware effects and a standalone mixer.

Now what’s interesting about this is it is proudly just two channels, clearly nice and compact, yet it appears to not skimp on features or quality, despite all of that. It is, I offer to you, the iPhone SE of the DJ controller world: Nothing too ostentatious on the outside, all the gubbins on the inside.

Round the back, it has the full gamut of ins and outs, and is Serato DVS ready.

And that could just be a smart move. After all, not everyone wants a huge, four-channel, two-people-to-carry DJ controller. Yet having everything a serious DJ may want in a two-channel unit? Nice.

Hardware effects are included too, which is a smooth touch. And although it remains to be seen how desirable the unit is in the flesh, certainly on paper it appears to have a lot going for it (did I mention it is Serato DVS ready? That feature alone is a head-turner).

Price-wise it is coming in at US$599, and of course assuming they actually have a real-life working unit here at NAMM, we’ll bring you a video talkthrough just as soon as we can.

Do you like the look of this diminutive little unit? Let us know what you think in the comments…

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