Native Instruments Officially Launches The Traktor Kontrol D2

Phil Morse
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Last updated 5 August, 2017


Native Instruments has officially released its Traktor Kontrol D2 modular controller.
Native Instruments has officially released its Traktor Kontrol D2 modular controller.

As reported on Digital DJ Tips last week, Native Instruments has a new DJ controller, the modular Traktor Kontrol D2, with a built-in screen, and direct control over the Remix Decks and the new Stems multitrack DJ file format pioneered by NI… as well as a novel solution to the problem of raising modular devices to industry-standard club mixer height.

Clearly designed to slot in the DJ booth alongside existing DJ gear (think Pioneer gear connected to Traktor In HID mode), the Traktor Kontrol D2 primarily provides access to the features and functions of Traktor that Native Instruments believes constitute the “#futureofDJing” as the hashtag goes – specifically the Remix Decks, and the new Stems format.

As such it is basically like a single deck from the Traktor Kontrol S8 (a controller which, by virtue of its size, is better suited to the home studio or touring set-up rather than the standard club DJ booth environment). Therefore the Kontrol D2 inherits the built-in screen meaning less laptop gazing, and the performance pads for expressive control.

Z2 Mixer
Here’s a pair of Traktor Kontrol D2s on either side of a Traktor Z2 mixer. The four foldable rubber feet underneath the D2 elevate it to industry standard DJ mixer height for easy set up in a club’s DJ booth.

Quite a lot of thought has gone into making it as useful as possible as a modular unit, including useful connection and physical tweaks. In the words of NI:

“The four foldable rubber-padded feet… extend to raise the unit to industry-standard height, or incline it for contoured comfort. Though one D2 alone can navigate through two Traktor decks, two USB ports found on the rear panel allow a second D2 to be daisy-chained to one computer USB port for a two-unit setup. Connections are further simplified with an included power supply splitter cable that allows two units to be powered using one power supply unit.”

The Kontrol D2 will come complete with Traktor Pro 2, and to our mind, represents a clear pitch for getting Traktor into the DJ booth, a place it’s struggled to make serious inroads so far. If Traktor’s Stems files take off and Remix Decks gain wider acceptance, the D2 offers a neat, clever and cost-effective way to use these features in cramped DJ booth environments.

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• The Traktor Kontrol D2 will be available for $499 / €499 at the NI Online Shop and at local retailers from 4 May 2015. For more info, visit the Traktor website.

Are you interested in this, especially since NI has announced its new Stems format? Do you think we’ll start seeing more DJs use Remix Decks because of this modular unit? Let us know in the comments below.

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