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Last updated 2 December, 2017


The cover of the latest edition of Virtual DJ's Pitched magazine for digital DJs.
The cover of the latest edition of Virtual DJ’s Pitched magazine for digital DJs.

I just stumbled across the latest edition of an online mag called Pitched, which is a free download from the Virtual DJ folks. It’s been out for a while but it’s still a good little read if you haven’t seen it yet.

The Virtual DJ/Atomix team speak to Denon about their DJ hardware, offer a tutorial on basic beatmixing, and give advice on how to choose a pair of DJ headphones (they must have been reading DDJT…). The magazine also features news, a competition and interviews with model-turned-DJ KayJay (no, I’ve not heard of her either), and Coldcut’s DJ/VJ Raj Pannu.] They round off with a preview piece on six new pieces of DJ kit, including the American Audio VMS6 (which we covered in our 4 New Budget DJ Controllers for 2010 piece) and the Vestax VFX-1 effects controller for the VCI-300 (which isn’t so new now).

The quality of the English is a little suspect at times which lets down an otherwise diverting little read. It’s certainly worth having a quick browse, especially as it’s free. Here’s the link:

Download Pitched Magazine Issue 3

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