New Traktor Audio 2 Is iOS Ready

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 7 November, 2017

Native Instruments has announced the compatibility of its pocket-sized interface Traktor Audio 2 with iOS devices. The latest iOS 7.1 update now lets you use the new Traktor Audio 2 with Traktor DJ for your iPad/iPhone, giving you two separate stereo outputs that you can use to cue and monitor your next track in your headphones while a song currently plays on your speakers.

It’s the most compact sound card that supports Traktor DJ, and offers 48kHz/24-bit sound. Being the baby of the range, it’s also at an attractive price. You can also use this as an interface for Traktor Pro if you want to hook your computer to an external mixer, giving you a seamless NI Traktor experience whether gigging with your iOS device or laptop. Of course, it’ll work with any other DJ software too that can handle external sound cad (ie nearly all).

• Traktor Audio 2 is available at retailers worldwide and at the NI Online Shop for USD99.

Have you been using a splitter cable for Traktor DJ up until now? Would a sound card like this pique your interest in using your iPad for live gigs? Tell us what you think!

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