DJing Or Partying Tonight? Have A Great New Year’s Eve!

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 15 November, 2017


NYE poster

Of course, not all of us are DJing tonight. Hell, it’s not even New Year’s Eve for some of our readers. But I’d hazard a guess that if you’re reading this now, you’re either getting ready to go and DJ somewhere tonight, or you’re off out to somewhere where a DJ will be playing.

Now, while the poster to the right is tongue-in-cheek, there’s more than an element of truth in some of it. Lord knows NYE is often overhyped, and it also tends to bring out the “part time” clubbers. It’s always a messy night, and often not in a good way. But of course, it can also be the busiest, most fun night of the year. So what I’d love is for you to do is come back tomorrow and let me know how your New Year’s Eve went.

Did you play dubstep all night 😀 ? What was the worst request you received? Did someone throw up on your shoes? Were you and your girlfriend still talking when you got home? Did your girlfriend get home?! Had the drinks mysteriously doubled in price? And how long exactly did you wait for your cab at the end of the night? Do come back and tell us!

So – have a great night. And please do come back and tell your story tomorrow (or whenever you wake up.) Happy 2013!

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