Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller Coming

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 2 December, 2017

The Numark Mixtrack: the Pro version will add a sound interface.

Numark has confirmed that a Mixtrack Pro DJ controller with a built-in sound interface is on its way, following the successful launch of the Numark Mixtrack earlier this year.

The forthcoming controller was mentioned on the Virtual DJ software forum by Simon Bangs, Product Development at Numark Pro DJ, promising more details to follow.

The Numark Mixtrack is a budget DJ controller that has been launched to positive reviews, but at US$149 it lacks a built-in sound interface meaning that DJs need a separate soundcard in order to have the two output channels needed for headphone cueing and music playback.

If Numark can add a good-sounding sound interface and keep the price low, it will have a hard-to-beat product on its hands at this competitive end of the DJ controller market.

A Numark Mixtrack Pro controller would compete directly with the Hercules DJ Console RMX and the Vestax Typhoon, among others.

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