Offline Streaming & Phase Coming To Serato – But Still No M1 Mac

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 7 December, 2021

UPDATE: Serato DJ Pro 2.5 Brings M1 Mac & Phase Support, Offline Streaming

Serato users will soon be able to enjoy offline streaming with Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK, meaning they will be able to DJ from their choice of streaming service playlists without an internet connection.

The feature has been available in pro tiers in both of these music streaming services from the beginning, but Serato’s implementation has never allowed for DJs to use offline streaming – until now. That will all change in Serato DJ Pro 2.5 and Lite 1.5, both currently in public beta.

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The change move some way towards Serato catching up with the music streaming implementations in other software such as Rekordbox DJ and Virtual DJ, both of which have always offered this. They also both have a number of other features Serato currently lacks, such as being able to use multiple music streaming services at once.

Users will require a Beatport/Beatsource LINK Pro or Pro+ plan to use it. Up to 1000 tracks can be stored offline, depending upon the plan chosen.

Other new features

Serato has also announced that it will finally support the wireless DVS system Phase, something announced over a year ago, as of this release.

But although Serato is now officially Big Sur compatible, users will have to wait for M1 Mac support, with Serato saying: “This does not yet include M1 chip support and some hardware does not yet work with macOS 11 Big Sur.”

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