Over To You: Can A Club Set Have More Than One Style?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 26 November, 2017


2 Many DJs2
2 Many DJs: They’ve made a name for themselves by being eclectic.

Digital DJ Tips reader Luke writes: “I have been both a mobile DJ for over four years and over that space of time have played every genre there is. The problem that I have had is that when it comes to wanting to put together a mix for a club gig it’s generally expected to be all in the same genre, which for me is quite boring as I love mixing it up. So my question is can you create a DJ set for a club gig that covers different genres, or am I destined to just make the mixes I really want to play for SoundCloud?”

Digital DJ Tips says

Well you only have to listen to DJs like 2 Many DJs to know that it’s possible to have a really eclectic style. I have struggled with this too, as I’ve done everything from underground techno raves to weddings! For me, I have a severely cut-down record collection (500 tunes) and every song has earned its place over the years. There are old and new records in there, well known and obscure, and covering a number of styles. I like to think I can play any gig offered to me (that I’d do) from just that collection alone.

Therefore those 500 records are my “sound” – while I can play sets in various style within that, there is – I hope – something “coherent” about that 500 tunes, which means wherever I play, and whenever I do a mix, it’s hopefully recognisably “me”.

That’s the compromise I make, but I’d love to hear what our readers think too.

So – over to you. Is it possible to cultivate a varied, eclectic style and still get bookings in clubs, or does playing a single style stand you in better stead? Please leave your advice for Luke below.

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