Over To You: How Do I Get People To Listen To My Mixes?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 14 November, 2017

mix crate
DJ mixes on the Mixcrate site. But, our reader wonders, how does he get more people to listen to his online mixes – and to listen to them to the end?

Digital DJ Tips reader Westage asks: “My problem is to get my audience listen to my sets. I mean, I am constantly producing new mixes with a big time investment but many of my followers are only listening to parts of them, something my stats show. I think getting your followers to hear your stuff is very important for a DJ’s career because it is your business card, sort of. In other genres like photography of course it is very easy because you only have to pin your photos on your Facebook wall and it is done, but listening to a DJ set is much more time-consuming. I know there won’t be a universal answer that applies to all DJs but I would really like to brainstorm how to make mixes more attractive to people.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

I’ve never really thought of it like that before. I think really your mixes are what you pour your heart and soul into, and it’s kind of in the hands of faith whether people actually listen to the end of them! Maybe the best you can do is work on your craft and slowly improve and trust you’ll get more popular as you slowly earn that right. Then again, there are a couple of practical things I can think of. Using an online service that makes it attractive / easy for people to listen to your stuff helps. Giving your mixes to public venues can work too (for instance, I DJ in places that play my mixes when there’s no DJ playing, as background music).

Maybe though, your “business card” is the live DJ sets you play. While there’s definitely a place for mixtapes, recorded mixes etc, that live dynamic may ultimately be what really allows DJs to show what they’re made of. That, of course, and your own productions…

Over to you, guys: How do you get people to listen to the end of your mixes? What services present mixes to the audience in the best way? Or is the importance of mixes overrated? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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