Over To You: Which DJ Laptop Stand Do You Use?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 10 April, 2018


The Crane Stand: It rocks, but it’s not cheap. Can you help with any other suggestions?

Reader Jim McGuinn of the Rock’n’Roll Lounge writes: “Hi – Perhaps you or fellow DDJT readers can help? We’re DJing in a lot of bars that have very little (or no) room for us to set up our kit – laptop and Behringer BCD3000 controller. A laptop stand (with a shelf for the controller underneath) is clearly the way to go as it means we only need a smaller footprint in the DJ booth. What stand do people recommend? Preferably, it needs to fold/break down so it’s portable. And not too pricey if it can be helped! Any ideas?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

The trouble is stability. I swear by the Crane Stand but it’s not cheap. However, I use mine for all sorts of things. I don’t think I could actually recommend anything else for pro use that I’ve tried. Only problem is it has rubber rings to stop the equipment sliding, and they perish over time.

We reviewed some laptop stands a while back, which you can find in this DJ laptop stands round-up, but I am sure the readers can also make some suggestions for you.

So, over to you. Can you help Jim and his crew? What do you currently use top prop your gear up in cramped DJ boxes? Please share your hard-earned advice and experience below!

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