Over To You: Should I Play Dubstep At My Friend’s Parent’s Party?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 27 December, 2017

"Big it up DJ, can I get a rewind?" Erm, maybe not at your friend's parents' house party, no.
“Big it up DJ, can I get a rewind?” Erm, maybe not at your friend’s parents’ house party, no.

Reader Khashayar writes: “What should I do and expect at my first ‘proper’ DJ set (I consider myself a bedroom DJ)? You see, my problem arises from my friend asking me to play some dubstep at a house party he will be having over the Easter holidays. Over the five-year period that we have been friends, I have grown to realise that he is not the most considerate or event-organised person in the world. So when I asked: ‘Are you sure you want dubstep? What about everyone else?’ all I got was (and I quote): ‘Er, they won’t mind.'”

“So I am stuck choosing what genre to play, never mind what songs, especially considering his parents will be there also. Oh, one last thing; do you know anything relating to the rules around playing music too loud in a residential area, apart from the obvious? I will be checking with his neighbours, as I doubt he will have.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Playing specialised underground club music in a party with families present, in someone’s house, isn’t – as you’ve worked out – likely to work. The good news is that while your friend might not be thinking like a DJ, you are. I’d tell your friend that if he wants you to DJ, you get to choose the music, and you’ll play one or two tunes that he wants – and the same for everyone else at the party too, as that’s what DJs do. Then take the tunes that you’re already thinking about – it sounds like you’re considering everyone, even if he isn’t.

Regarding the neighbours issue, the old trick is to simply invite them. If they don’t come, they’ll feel that at least you wanted them there, so they’ll be less likely to complain!

Have you ever been bullied into playing completely inappropriate music at a house party? How have you dealt with irate neighbours? Let us know in the comments…

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