Over To You: What Do You Do In Your DJ Practice Sessions?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 10 April, 2018

DJ practice
How do you spend your practice session? Please share your secrets below…

Digital DJ Tips reader Bryant writes: “My question is referring to DJ workflow. I was just wondering what your workflow or practice sessions are like when you sit down on your controller. Do you have a certain way of practising? Or maybe a even better question, do you have a list of excercises that helped you along your way? Maybe a list of excercises that helped you develop the basics/advanced techniques of DJing? Thanks so much for your time.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

There are loads of ways you can “carve up” your practice sessions. One tip is to divide them into two halves: Practising individual skills (FX, a particular mix, etc), and practising “DJing” (ie perform a full set as if you were in front of a crowd; this could be when you record your DJ set). You may use your practice sessions as your chance to listen through all the music you haven’t had a chance to listen to yet. Indeed, for me (as a DJ who doesn’t really practise very much at home any more), that’s basically all I do – learn and prepare new music for my sets.

However, every single person reading this will have a different answer, so I’m going to throw this one wide open. Readers, tell us how you spend your valuable Dj practice time!

So, over to you! Please share your thoughts and offer Bryant some advice in the comments section below.

Doing a bit of each every time you practice means you get to practise at a “micro” and a “macro” level

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