Over To You: What Headphones Do You DJ With?

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 5 April, 2018

In today’s Over To You, we’d like to ask you, our dear readers, what headphones you’re currently DJing with. Pic from: dependentongadgets.com

Ah, DJ headphones: with so many to choose from, and with everyone with their own preferences for style, fit, and sound, is there really such a thing as the “perfect” DJ phones? Probably not, but it’s fun to toss this question to our readers to see what everyone’s got strapped on their heads these days.

I’ll kick things off: I’m loving my Pioneer DJ HDJ-2000MK2 cans. The bass is strong, it blocks out noise well, and they’re quite sturdy considering how slim they are – I’ve thrown them around the booth, stamped them (whoops), and accidentally doused them in Red Bull. So far, they haven’t snapped in two and still sound great (though a bit sticky).

What about you guys, what headphones are you using for DJing these days, whether at home or for gigs?

So, over to you: Share with us the headphones that you’re using right now. Are you an on-ear aficionado, or do you prefer around the ear models? Do you like closed-back headphones for DJing, or do you like to hear what’s going on around you? Share your answers below.

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