Over To You: Will I Be Taken Seriously As A Digital DJ?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 29 November, 2017


The Traktor Kontrol S4 in a club: But will Darren be taken seriously turning up with one at his gigs?
Pic: Jimfuso

Reader Darren Hakan writes with the following question. Now it’s over to you! If you can advise him, please help by giving him your thoughts in the comments at the end.

“I have been DJing for a couple of years now and went from having a controller to buying CDJs to learn to beatmatch etc. Since then I moved on to using timecode with a Kontrol X1. Beatmatching is a lot easier on timecode and my mixes have really matured going back to digital and being able to use loops and hot cues far more effectively. This raised the question to me, why am I bothering with CDJs when they simply hold me back musically? I was considering selling my CDJs for a Kontrol S4 (and use the X1 with it). This would allow some fantastic live mash ups etc. However I haven’t played out much in clubs yet but I am starting to get some attention now. I’ve been warned by practically everyone that digital DJs are not taken seriously and as I am not a ‘pro superstar’ I am expected to use CDJs.”

“What are your thoughts on this? I am either going to invest in the S4 or save for a four-channel mixer and continue with CDJ’s just to keep promoters happy.”

Can you help Darren to decide which way to go? Have you experienced anti-digital sentiment at your gigs? How have you dealt with it? It’s over to you in the comments!

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