Panasonic Suggests New Technics DJ Turntable Coming

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 3 September, 2015

Panasonic showed a clearly unfinished turntable concept off yesterday (er, yes, it’s got a spinny bit… where’s the rest?) – but then immediately suggested something far more interesting for DJs…

Panasonic has suggested it is to release a new Technics DJ turntable. In a flurry of activity yesterday, the company announced it was working on a new turntable by showing off a largely unfinished turntable prototype at IFA 2015 as reported by What HiFi? and Engadget – then immediately added to the intrigue by suggesting a DJ model was indeed in the works in reply to a Twitter question.

Here’s the Twitter conversation:


Interesting, eh?

Were a new Technics-labelled DJ turntable (read: a revival of the SL1200/1210) from Panasonic, the owners of the Technics brand, to hit the market, it’d be great news for many, But nonetheless it’d also be interesting to see how it fared among the small number of diehard vinyl users and the larger number of DVS users who would be the market for such a device – especially as the undisputed king of the DJ booth, Pioneer DJ, now has a viable model.

What do you think? Likely or not? does it even matter in 2015? Please share your thoughts below.

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