Prototype Preview: LiteConsole Elite DJ Booth

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Last updated 5 April, 2018

Want a smart, neat console for your DJ set-up? At BPM|PRO 2016, we spotted the new LiteConsole Elite, which is well worth considering.

Today we take a sneak peek at the LiteConsole Elite, a cool, compact DJ booth designed for anyone who needs to set up their whole rig themselves, such as mobile DJs or touring DJs. The manufacturers say the new model was “developed as a result of feedback from the DJ community”, and the prototype we recently saw (at the BPM|PRO Show) certainly sports a number of obvious improvements.

It’s more portable than the first two LiteConsole models and easier to set up, which is always a good thing for mobile and pro DJs, especially those who do most of the gear hauling themselves (and I’m sure there are a lot). The LiteConsole is just as wide as the original LiteConsole and LiteConsole XPRS, but with a shallower shelf. Despite this, it can still fit bigger controllers like the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ / DDJ-RZ.

LiteConsole Elite
The LiteConsole Elite has a shallower shelf than the original LiteConsole, but can still accommodate gear and DJ controllers up to the size of a Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ / RZ.

The new design is more “open”, meaning you can place uplighting with two LED par cans at the bottom and have them visible from the front, which could make for a cool effect. The front and side panels are no longer frosted plexiglass, but a solid board. It’s also got metal shelves, making it smaller, lighter and easier to handle overall: you can transport the whole thing as a single folded unit in a bag.

Although this was a working prototype, the final production unit should be ready soon. Official pricing will follow, but expect it to retail somewhere in the £700 range. Not cheap for a DJ booth, but it is built like a tank, sturdy, and makes you look good. It would be an investment that would last you a long time.

Would you spend this kind of budget on a DJ booth, or do you think a venue table with a skirt is professional enough? Have you considered the XPRS but think the Elite is more suitable? Do you have other solutions for the mobile DJ booth “problem”? Let us know below in the comments.

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