Phase Wireless Scratch System Will Soon Work Without Audio Cables With Serato

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
NAMM 2020 Phase Phase x Serato serato
Last updated 17 January, 2020


MWM, the makers of Phase, has announced here at NAMM 2020 that the Phase wireless scratch system will soon work as an official Serato accessory, meaning no need for any audio leads at all – just a USB lead from Phase to your laptop.

This means that not only should timecode dropout issues be minimised or fixed (because this is HID directly from the Phase receiver to Serato), but resistance from audio engineers in venues who don’t want to wire up audio leads just so a DJ can use Phase, will also be eliminated.

In short, a DJ can now plug in to a Serato-enabled mixer with a single USB cable as usual, and one more USB cable from their laptop to Phase is all that will be needed for tight scratch performances.

The system is currently in Alpha, with Phase wisely not committing to a release date, but when pushed Camille form MWM did say that hopefully there will be more news (presumably of a public beta) in the next couple of months.

The system will require a firmware update to Phase units, and a forthcoming version of Serato will include the required support for this as a new official accessory.

• More on the MWM website.

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