Pioneer’s DDJ-S1 2-Deck Serato ITCH Controller: First Picture

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pioneer DDJ-S1 controller pioneer DDJ-S1 controller review
Last updated 30 November, 2017


Pioneer DDJ-S1 review
The Pioneer DDJ-S1 marks Pioneer’s entry into the Serato ITCH controller market ((Click to enlarge.)

Hot on the heels of the Numark and Pioneer 4-deck DJ controllers that have leaked onto the internet over the past 24 hours come another model from Pioneer, the DDJ-S1, a Serato ITCH controller.

Featuring just 2 decks rather than the 4 of the DDJ-T1, the controller is unlikely to challenge the Xone:DX as the daddy of compact Serato controllers, but nonetheless it is exciting to see Pioneer entering the DJ controller market with two pretty heavyweight opening salvos.

A close relative of the previously leaked Pioneer DDJ-T1 Traktor controller, it packs pro quality jogwheels, long-throw pitch faders, 5 hot cues per deck, good FX implementation, and what look like 2 external EQed inputs (maybe both microphones, hard to tell from the picture).

Are 2 decks enough to make an impact in 2011?
However, the fact that it is only a 2-deck controller is a real disappointment with Serato ITCH software already available to drive 4 decks. Having 2 extra decks is pretty much a given nowadays, if only to line up doubles and samples to enable a smoother workflow with more adventurous mixing when wanted.

Still, all this speculation is based around one leaked picture, so maybe there are more models, and maybe Serato ITCH 2.0 will have a trick or two up its sleeve. It’s all part of the fun… let’s wait and see what is officially announced over the next day or two.

Are you excited by Pioneer’s entry into the Serato ITCH market or does the fact that it is only a 2-deck controller underwhelm you? Let us know in the comments.

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