Pioneer DJ Issues Important Updates For Rekordbox Users

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 1 July, 2022


In a flurry of bulletins, Pioneer DJ has announced Rekordbox cloud library analysis, a delay in the implementation of BPM Supreme streaming inside the platform, and a compulsory update for all Rekordbox 6 users, alongside new T&Cs. Let’s look at these announcements one-by-one:

1. Cloud Analysis added

Pioneer DJ has announced a new feature designed to speed up track analysis in Rekordbox.

The new “Cloud Analysis” feature instantly checks Pioneer DJ’s servers to see if newly added tracks have already been analysed by other users. If they have, the data (waveform, BPM, beatgrid, and vocal position) is automatically transferred to the user’s local Rekordbox database, without the need for running analysis locally. It works with both locally stored tracks and streaming music. In the opposite direction, if you happen to be the first person to analyse a track, your data is stored in the cloud to help others.

An answer looking for a question? Maybe. You’ll get to choose if you turn it on on not, though.

2. BPM Supreme streaming postponed

Somewhat cryptically, Pioneer DJ recently announced that subscribers to the BPM Supreme download pool would be able to stream music from that service inside Rekordbox. I say cryptically, because there is no proper mention of this service on BPM Supreme’s website, and they didn’t reply to us when we repeatedly asked them about it, which leads us to believe it is far from done and dusted.

Seems like we’re right, because it’s been postponed. Pioneer DJ says: “Support for BPM Supreme – originally planned for this summer – has been postponed until further notice as we wait for improvement in content availability. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused as a result of this decision.”

Our gut reaction is not to hold your breath on this one.

3. All Rekordbox 6 users need to update to the latest version by Dec 2022

Developments in Rekordbox apparently mean that users must be running the latest version, and Pioneer DJ has set the deadline of the end of the year for this to happen.

Presumably there is some kind of background database online connection going on that requires this, although they haven’t actually given a reason – but they’ve been clear: “An update to the rekordbox server is coming in December 2022. If you currently use the rekordbox ver. 6 Core/‌Creative/‌Professional Plan, you’ll need to update your rekordbox software … to keep using rekordbox from December 2022 onwards.”

• More info about the compulsory software update is here.

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