Pioneer DJ Launches CDJ-TOUR1 & DJM-TOUR1 System

Joey Santos
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Last updated 27 March, 2018


Pioneer DJ just released its festival-ready TOUR1 system comprised of the CDJ-TOUR1 and DJM-TOUR1.

Pioneer DJ just unveiled its brand new CDJ-TOUR1 and DJM-TOUR1 system meant for large scale events and festival use. Each CDJ-TOUR1 and DJM-TOUR1 unit comes with a full-colour 13″ touchscreen monitor with built-in CPU that folds out for viewing waveforms and selecting tracks in Rekordbox.

The cases of both the CDJ-TOUR1 and DJM-TOUR1 are sturdier, with reinforced sides built to stand the rigours of repeated set-ups and strikedowns, as is the case in live events. They also come with locking LAN ports for Pro DJ Link, as well as gold plated RCA connectors.


CDJ Screens
The CDJ-TOUR1 has a foldout touchscreen that can display your Rekordbox library as well as up to four decks and waveforms.

The CDJ-TOUR1 is capable of playing high-resolution audio files (up to 96kHz/24-bit) as well as FLAC and ALAC lossless compression files. Its layout is similar to the CDJ-2000NXS2, so DJs who use CDJs should have no problem adapting to the familiar layout.


DJM Screen
The DJM-TOUR1 shows waveforms for all your decks, plus level meters for your Aux, microphone, and Master channels.

The DJM-TOUR1 mixer is a four-channel mixer that looks like a DJM-900NXS2 on steriods: it’s now got two separate headphone sections for individual cueuing, perfect for those B2B sets (eg Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Sasha & Digweed). It also has its own five port LAN hub for connecting multiple CDJs.

Who’s it for?

Screen Shot
The CDJ-TOUR1 screens are capable of displaying your track library as well as waveforms of up to four decks.

We saw the TOUR1 system at the NAMM Show earlier this year. It was still under a glass case and you couldn’t miss it: the set-up was huge! No doubt this is meant to be bought by mega festival organisers (think Ultra, Tomorrowland, EDC and so on) not just because of the sheer size of the set-up, but also because of the price: You’re looking at at least US$16,000 for a basic two-deck set-up with a mixer, or a whopping US$26,000 if you want to go the whole hog and have four CDJ-TOUR1s onboard.

Obviously it’s meant for those who just want to bring a USB stick and headphones to the booth: there’s a screen on the DJM-TOUR1 and two screens per CDJ-TOUR1 (the screen on the CDJ itself, and the 13″ foldout). That’s a ton of display information right in front of you at all times, but one of the popular reasons why DJs like using CDJs is because you’re not staring at a big screen while you’re DJing: surely having five of them will null that positive? Perhaps you can just fold them out of the way when you don’t want to see them.

CDJ Screen
The TOUR1 screens can be tilted 180 degrees, meaning you can angle them for better viewing in direct sunlight or if you don’t want them up in your face for more “traditional” DJing.

Also, and this is just my opinion, if the screens just display waveforms and your playlists / Rekordbox library, isn’t that something that you can already do with your laptop? Granted the TOUR1 has touchscreens, but I’m quite happy using a keyboard and trackpad to do my song searches (the TOUR1 comes with a software Qwerty keyboard).

It’s an impressive system nonetheless, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing headliner and touring DJs use these for big shows the world over.

Check out the video below to see them in action.

Promo Video

CDJ-TOUR1 Photo Gallery

DJM-TOUR1 Photo Gallery

The CDJ-TOUR1 and DJM-TOUR1 will be available from July 2016 at US$4,999 and US$5,999 respectively. Check out the Pioneer DJ website for more details.

What do you think of this CDJ/DJM set-up? Think it’s the new standard for festivals and arenas, or will the recent CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 still reign? Let us know below.

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