Pioneer DJ Launches DDJ-SB3, Lets You Scratch Like Jazzy Jeff

Joey Santos
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Last updated 23 March, 2018

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Pioneer DJ just announced the DDJ-SB3, the latest model in its popular DDJ-SB line of beginner DJ controllers for Serato DJ Lite. The big new feature here is Pad Scratch mode, which lets you use the performance pads to triggers eight different scratch tricks recorded by DJ Jazzy Jeff. The way it works is each performance pad launches a different type of scratch, and you can use any audio sample / cue point with it. The scratches sync in time to the music that you’re “scratching” over, and you can also trigger these scratch sounds without any music playing. The DDJ-SB3 retains many of the features of its predecessor the DDJ-SB2, including a two-channel mixer with three-band EQs, filters and trim pots, deck select buttons for four-deck control, big jogwheels and an FX section.

Other new features include dedicated transport and auto loop controls, plus a full complement of eight performance pads – double the number found on previous DDJ-SB models.

It’s nice to see a spec bump in the Serato-focused DDJ-SB series, even though it’s basically a re-skinning of Pioneer DJ’s own DDJ-RB Rekordbox DJ controller: the eight performance pads and transport controls are a welcome upgrade from what you’d find on the DDJ-SB2. Admittedly the Pad Scratch feature looks gimmicky at first, but it’s actually clever: aspiring battle DJs could use the scratches either as inspiration for their own scratching or as added flare to their own routines. You can use it to learn basic scratches like the baby scratch and chirps, to more advanced scratches and even combinations by pressing different pads.

Check out the promo video and photo gallery below.

Promo Video

Photo Gallery

• The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 is now available for US$249. Check the Pioneer DJ site for more details.

What are your thoughts on this new controller? What do you make of the new “Jazzy Jeff” feature? Think it’s useful, or useless? Let us know below.

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