Pioneer Launches DJE-2000 & DJE-1500 In-Ear DJ Headphones

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 5 March, 2014

Pioneer DJE-2000
The Pioneer DJE-2000 is the more expensive of the brace of DJ-focused in-ear monitoring headphones released by the company today.

In-ear monitors are enjoying a bit of limelight at the moment, both as an alternative for DJ monitoring at gigs, and as a high-quality lifestyle / “set preparation” choice away from the DJ booth. Pioneer has now joined the fray, with two premium models: The DJE-2000 and the DJE-1500.

Both are available in black or white, and boast detachable, anti-tangle textile coated cables. The DJE-2000s come with three sizes of polyurethane tips and four sizes of silicone tips, plus a triple flange tip, and will retail for £239 / €299. Meanwhile the DJE-1500s feature “dynamic drivers with 9.4mm apertures and ceramic powder coated trembles” and can be work in-ear or over ear; these come with a single size polyurethane tip on four sizes of silicone tips, and retail for £139 / €159. They are available imminently (“March 2014”).

• See the full press release here.


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