Check Out This Weird New Device For Scratch DJs

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 6 April, 2018

The Pitch Shifter
The Pitch Shifter is an adapter lets you mount a crossfader on your deck’s pitch fader, allowing for easier toneplay and melodic scratches.

Pitch Shifter, a fader cap replacement for your turntable’s pitch fader that lets you mount a crossfader onto it, has just been released by DJ Woody. It lets you perform crossfader cuts while moving the turntable pitch fader up and down for, all using just one hand. This opens up more possibilities for creative toneplay and melodic scratching.

It fits most turntables including Technics, Vestax, and Stanton decks, and compatible crossfaders include the Raiden and Frisk portable crossfaders.

We love the ingenuity of this device, especially since it’s simple to install and within reach of all DJs looking to get into more advanced scratching. The ability to easily introduce pitch changes to a sample that you’re scratching with allows you to explore melodic options in your routine, or even in your usual DJ sets.

Check out the promo video below.

Promo Video

• The Pitch Shifter is now available for £15 plus shipping. Check DJ Woody’s site for more details.

What are your thoughts on this scratch accessory? Keen on getting one to add melodic scratching to your arsenal of tricks, or passing on it? Let us know below.

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