Next week: The Definitive Guide to Recording a Mixtape

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 2 December, 2017

Photo credit: Anie-Bee

All next week, Digital DJ Tips will be handing the whole blog over to our Definitive Guide to Recording a Mixtape. From Monday through till Friday, we’ll carry a series of five articles dedicated to helping you to record the perfect DJ mix. From choosing the right songs, to planning your mix, to recording and mastering it, and finally to getting it out there on CD and the internet for the world to hear, the series will build into a valuable free guide to getting that mixtape perfect for your audience..

Let me know what you need help with
I’d like this to be the most useful series of articles possible, and so I am asking for your help. Please head over to the Digital DJ Tips Facebook page discussion board and let me know what you find the most challenging thing when it comes to recording a mix.

Help me to get as many DJs involved as possible
Also, if you have many friends on Facebook who are also DJs, please also consider clicking “Like” at the end of this this post to send it to their walls, so they can join in too.

I will use yours and their feedback to make the series as relevant to your needs as I can.

Roll on “Mixtape Challenge Week” on Digital DJ Tips!

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